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The newest vibrator on the market has taken Europe by storm.
Experience the sensation!

The Celebrator provides:

  • Unique side-to-side oscillation
  • Intense rhythmic stimulation
  • Turbo-charged, mind-bending orgasms

The Celebrator is a fun gadget, a little bit naughty, inexpensive, and very effective! The Celebrator® is a unique vibrator that is to use externally in the key feminine “pleasure zones” found around the clitoris. Women who have used the Celebrator say it’s the fastest, most intense orgasm they have ever had.


Customer Testimonial

I had the fortunate opportunity of trying out this new toy. Never in my life have I been so stimulated. It was literally a nonstop…five-minute orgasm. It only took about two seconds, no kidding to hit maximum and beyond pleasure. Yes, I had to call Uncle to have my partner stop using it on me. In addition, if you take it traveling with you and your questioned about what it is you can tell them it is a gum massager. They will never know the real wonders of such a small toy.